Frequently Asked Questions


Does CFP have Liability Insurance?

We do have General Liability Insurance!


What Kind of Chocolate do you use in your Fountains?

We use a French Style Chocolate. French chocolate is a very high quality chocolate that contains 54% semi-sweet cocoa. In addition to creating a better ‘flow’, it assures a better taste and a silkier appearance.


Why does your chocolate taste so much better than other chocolate I’ve tasted?

That’s Easy! We simply use a superior chocolate! Our Chocolate is an imported French chocolate. We don’t purchase our chocolate from retail stores, box stores or from the internet. Our chocolate does not come in individual pouches but in cases of 25 and 50 lbs. While other companies use domestic chocolate for their clients, we import only the highest quality French chocolate for ours.


Isn’t it more expensive to use this chocolate?

Yes, it is. It is important to us that our customers have the best quality chocolate available. Many companies use an inferior chocolate. When shopping for a fountain, be sure to ask if they will include an imported French chocolate at no additional charge with their fountains.


What Dessert Item isn’t Recommended to Use with the Fountain?

Anything that will crumble or break apart easily–especially pound cake–which tends to compromise the smooth flowing nature of the chocolate.


I’m Having a Garden Event. Can the Chocolate Fountain be Used Outside?

They can… but we do not recommend using the chocolate fountain outdoors. The Chocolate Fountain has such a sweet, inviting aroma that all God’s ‘Heavenly’ creatures are tempted to partake! In addition, wind will greatly affect the chocolate’s flow and integrity. However, we will do everything in our power to make it work.


May I Rent the Chocolate Fountain Without the Operator?

No. In an effort to maintain the highest standard of quality service, The Chocolate Fountain is always Accompanied by a Qualified Uniformed Operator


What types of payment do you accept?

In Advance we Accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express. The day of the Event we Accept ether Company Check, Cash or Money Order ONLY!


How Long Can I Have The Chocolate Fountain At My Event?

Most people prefer using The Chocolate Fountain during the appetizer portion of their event. Our flow times are set with relation to the fountain size and they vary by fountain. Our included flow hours are typically plenty of time for your guests to enjoy this unique experience! Should you decide to use the Fountain for both appetizers and dessert, additional time may be purchased.


Who Provides The Accompaniments?

Our fountains can be rented with or without accompaniments. Some hotels and banquet facilities do not allow outside vendors to provide food items so we stress that you check with your venue. If your venue says no, ask them what they have to offer….you can always switch venues if you are interested in one of our dipping packages.


Who is Responsible for Set-Up, Break-Down and Clean Up of The Chocolate Fountain?

We are! We arrive about an hour before the designated starting time, ensuring that your guests will smell the sweet aroma of the chocolate as they enter the room. A professionally dressed attendant will be there at all times to show your guests how to enjoy the fountain as well as to keep the fountain flowing in pristine condition. Presentation is of the utmost importance to us. Our attendants are more than happy to replenish the accompaniments and keep the appearance of the table at its finest.


What are the Table and Electrical Requirements?

The Chocolate Fountain requires a 120 volt grounded electrical outlet within 10 feet of the location of the Fountain. In addition, a sturdy table is mandatory. If it’s not level, the chocolate will not flow properly. Please re-confirm these requirements with your event planner before the event so that there is no delay in the set-up of the fountain.


Why do some people say that chocolate fountains are messy and disgusting and they would never have one at their special event?

While this may seem like a silly question, we hear and read comments like this quite often. We would like to share our thoughts, comments and experiences with you:

Today with several manufacturers of commercial fountains, the price of purchasing one has decreased. This has resulted in caterers, hotels, event sites, et al purchasing their own. What gets overlooked are the details that make your event a memorable one:

1. Ensuring only the best chocolate is used.
2. Properly trained staffing is provided.
3. Proper and continuous cleaning & maintenance of the fountains.

These companies typically don’t have a dedicated attendant that remains with the fountain. Our attendants are dedicated to remaining with the fountain and assisting guests for the duration of the flow time. This is their sole responsibility – not setting up buffets, serving cake, cleaning tables, bartending, etc. Don’t misunderstand, we work with many caterers, hotels, etc. and value our relationship with them. Those that work with us know our dedication to ensuring our fountains are enjoyed properly.

Maintaining a clean fountain is important. Our attendants make sure any items dropped into the fountain are removed promptly. They make sure that guests use a plate when removing dipped items so that a trail of chocolate does not result. The inclusion of a drip guard is also helpful. Our attendants prevent double-dipping and ensure no fingers, cups, tongues, etc. make their way into the chocolate.

Some large rental-type businesses have chocolate fountains available for rent. In our opinion, this is not a do-it-yourself operation. Trust professionals to do the job correctly. Don’t try to use a home-model fountain for wedding receptions or other large gatherings. You will most likely be disappointed.

We want you and your guests to have fun and create a wonderful memory of a delicious, clean chocolate fountain, not a messy one.

Chocolate fountains are not messy. Once you’ve experienced one of our fountains, you’ll know why we are the best!


What’s Required to Reserve The Chocolate Fountain?

We can send you your final proposal via mail or email. Once you receive and review it, we ask you to please sign, date and return it the same way. Upon receiving your signed invoice we will confirm your reservation date to our calendar. It’s that easy! If, for any reason you need to cancel, just call us and let us know. **Note: A deposit may be required for private events.**


What Area Do You Service?

Chocolate Fountain Productions is proud to announce we are now serving Florida Statewide, We frequently do Chocolate Fountain Rentals in Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, Sarasota, Ft Myers, Tallahassee, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Clearwater, Miami, Tarpon Springs and many more cities. No matter where you are located Chocolate Fountain Productions can cater to your event needs!

Note* Some events may incur a small travel fee based on the distance from our nearest location.